MFX Capital presented annual report to investors: profit 148%

18 October, 2016

MFX Capital presented annual report to investors: profit 148% Experts of the investment company “MFX Capital” reported the investors the results of June 2016 working program. Compared to last year report, this report contains full information about business. The report contains the consolidation of all data:

The direction of investment funds;
Liquidity of the company – high cost of the company’s assets demonstrates the enterprise’s reliability and stability;
The volume of the reserve fund of the company and an obligation duty to investors to fulfill with a guarantee – are shown in here.

The profit of “MFX Capital”, compared to previous year, has increased and reached up 148%.

The most important factor, investors are recommended to pay attention to, is the liquidity growth of the company. It primarily demonstrates the market value of corporation. Since 2014, this indicator increased by 10%, which is almost twice more than the regulators of banking activities required in some countries. For comparison – the liabilities of banks in the Russian Federation estimates 5.25%.

The volume of liquidity assets has increased up to 39%. The company’s assets are shares, property and property values. As you can see from given above information, their cost have highly increased compared to previous year and it has a positive effect on growth dynamics.

Margo Zhiznevskya
MFX Group Holding:
If a person, who wants to move to a passive income setup, chooses an investment company, it is a responsible procedure because according to the experience and qualification of partners is depended a large part of your success. That’s why we recommend you to choose only safe, trustful partners with the best reputation on the market.

MFXCapital - investment company, which aims to teach its members how to manage in a right way, disposal and increasing of income. Our capabilities have already been evaluated by thousands of investors worldwide. They joined our program and receive a stable income up to 45% per annum.

Why are we a reliable company? “MFX Capital” is a licensed service provider of the trustful management. An integrated approach to product development allows to guarantee profitability of investments, reduce the risks to minimum, as well as to offer our customers flexible terms and a list of advanced features.

Cooperate with us on beneficial terms:

Profit 45% per annum;
Investing amount – up to $500;
Flexible terms from 3 months of cooperation;
Personal consultant – experienced specialist;
The ability to switch from one program to another without loss;
Regular and detailed financial reports.

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