NordFX Copy Trading - Everyone Can Profit With Us!

7 July, 2020

NordFX Copy Trading is a simple and intuitive way to increase capital, which allows experienced traders to earn additional profit by selling their trading signals, and for beginners by copying them. It is suitable for those who are interested in passive investing, since it does not require either independent trading experience or serious time expenses.

Signal Provider is a trader who receives a reward for the fact that transactions from his account are copied by Subscribers. The better the performance of the Provider's trading, the more subscribers they have, the higher their income.


  • Everyone can become a Signal Provider, there are no restrictions. The procedure of registration is very simple.
  • You get free and objective online monitoring of your trading results for more than 50 parameters.
  • As a Pprovider, you set and adjust the subscription price for your signals.
  • All profits received from subscribing to your signals remain at your disposal.
  • The number of subscriptions to your signals is unlimited.
  • All tools of the PRO trading account are available for trading.
  • You don't have to open a new account, you can use an existing Pro account.
  • There are no restrictions on scalping and automatic trading using expert advisors.

Signal Subscriber is an investor whose account automatically copies transactions of signal providers in online mode. By subscribing to the supplier's signals, you earn profit using their experience, knowledge and labor!


  • You do not need any special knowledge, trading experience or a deep understanding of financial markets. The subscription procedure is very simple.
  • You do not need to transfer your funds to the supplier: they remain at your full disposal in your account, together with the profit.
  • You have full control of your account: you can stop or suspend copying at any time, set its parameters, add or withdraw your funds.
  • By subscribing to various signals from various suppliers, you can create a balanced and diversified portfolio, reducing your risks and increasing profits.
  • You get objective online monitoring of the trading results of each signal provider for more than 50 parameters. These statistics, as well as the position in the rating and the number of investors already signed up for this or that signal, will help you select those suppliers whose subscription signals can bring you highest profits at acceptable risks.
  • You only pay the Supplier a certain percentage of the profit (from 10%). No profit, no payment!
  • Automatic execution: you do not need to support the MT4 terminal, copying will occur even when the terminal and computer are turned off.
  • The minimum initial deposit is only $100 on average.

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