Trade without risk: MFX will insure your money

15 September, 2016

Why trade in the financial markets is so popular? Because you can effectively increase the size of your capital with proper investment of funds in a short period of time. However, neither professional trader nor even an inexperienced newcomer are not immune from erroneous actions on the exchange. MFX Broker wants to correct this situation: we start the action "Trader's funds insurance."

Our offer will help you to trade without losses. This is your opportunity to use even large volumes without fear of testing new strategies, to make calm and measured decisions. This is your first step to regular and stable income! All you need to do is to fulfill all the action conditions, and in the case of an insured event you will be paid a compensation.

How to participate in the action:

Register a personal cabinet, if you have not done it yet
Pass the full user certification
Deposit your account
Press the "Insure funds" button in the action section of you personal cabinet

In the future you will be prompted to select an account you want to insure. You can see the detailed terms and conditions in the section of this promotion.

Can you protect yourself from losses while trading in the Forex market? Now we can give the answer - yes. Take part in the action "Trader's funds insurance" and you will realize that to trade without losses is real!

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